A stay at zero Km in Valle del Tirinosoggiorno km 0

The new sustainable tourism of Il Bosso Cooperative is a 0km-stay. Our 0km solution, including an overnight stay at modern and comfortable Hostel Fiume Tirino, will allow you to experience Tirino Valley by doing mountain biking tours, trekking, canoeing or horseback riding, discovering all details of this green area of Gran Sasso National Park of Abruzzo and Monti della Laga.

Guests who choose a 0Km-stay will receive a mountain bike at the time of their arrival, so they can reach places where to carry out their activities and places where they can enjoy different facilities required for a pleasant stay. At the end of the stay, they can hand back their mountain bikes.

Hereunder details of our 0Km-stay proposal:
1° Day

Arrival and welcome at Fiume Tirino Visit Center within 12.00pm

Accomodation at Hostel Fiume Tirino

Hand over of mountain bike and technical Kit

Moving of mountain bike to San Martino di Capestrano

Boarding for canoe tour at 3.00pm

Return by mountain biking in late afternoon to Hostel Fiume Tirino

2° Day


“Riding a bicycle among flavors and culture” along Valle del Tirino including a visit at farm houses and wineries either with food and wine tastings or a lunch based on typical products in one of Valle del Tirino farm holidays.

Return to the hostel

3° Day


Trekking or Nordic Walking along one of the scenic pathways of either Gran Sasso National Park or Majella National Park.

Return to the hostel

4° Day


Visit at Wolf Visit Centre (free entrance for Km0-stay guests)

Prices Stay at Km 0

This offer refers to a minimum of two people for totally 299€, overnight stays and free activities for children up to 3 years old, price for children from 3 to 10 years old is 99€.

Family discount – Reserved to families consisting of at least 4 people with kids over 10 years old: price is 135€ each person.

Group discount –Reserved to groups consisting of at least 6 people: price is 135€ each person

This fee includes: all activities scheduled in the program, mountain bike renting for 4 days, use of the fully equipped kitchen within Hostel Fiume Tirino, free internet connection.

The fee does not cover all extras not included in the program.