Canoe tours on Tirino river

A canoe tour on Tirino, considered the most beautiful river in Italy, is the best way to relax both your mind and body. Clear waters, a rich vegetation and a charming wildlife will be your companions in this fantastic journey. Starting from San Martino, a location in Capestrano district (AQ), it is possible to head back up the river till Capo D’Acqua spring, where it is possible to get a refreshing bath in its cold waters and taste the flavour of sedanina water plant.Escursione in canoa sul Fiume Tirino (2)

During this tour, guests will get to know local cultural heritage, monuments, landscape and nature of Valle del Tirino, an area where the statue of Capestrano Warrior was discovered, and their guides will give them detailed information.


Technical information on daytime canoe tours:

  • Route length: around 5 Km
  • Difficulty level: Easy (recommended to families)
  • Duration: around 2,30 hours
  • Daytime tour clothing: swimsuit, t-shirt, sandals, hat, towel
Daytime tour fees

Fees include a guided tour of about 2,5 hours, life jackets, paddles and waterproof bags

  •   1 CANOE: 2 guests + 1 guide          60,00 €
  • 10 CANOES: 20 guests + 10 guides  550,00 €
  • CANOE  for Family: 2 adults + kids    55,00 € (Min. 2 canoes)

A kid of no more than 25kg can stay with two adults in each canoe.

Canoe tours on Tirino river under a full moonlight

In June, July and August Il Bosso Cooperative has decided to plan charming nightly tours under the moon on Tirino river.

Information on canoe tours under a full moonlight

  • Meeting place at 8pm, Visit Center fiume Tirino in Bussi sul Tirino (PE)
  • Adults and 10 year old children can take part on tours
  • A group is composed of 1 guide and 2 guests.
  • It is recommended to wear long pants, t-shirt, sweatshirt and a jacket or fleece
Costs of canoe tours on Tirino river under a full moonlight

Each canoe: 2 guests + 1 guide 75,00 euro

Maximum availability: 6 canoes

“Canoe tours on Tirino including a dinner at sunset on the river banks”

An absolute innovation for our working group together with a native and original local partner, this is a traditional and impressive tour in a canadian canoe enhanced by an original dinner based on Valle del Tirino typical food and wine.

Participants: min. 4 and max. 16

Costs: 90 euro for two guests, including a dinner and a canoe guided tour.

Information: starting time at 5.30pm, return at 9.00pm

Clothing: a fleece or jacket and long pants according to weather conditions

“Kayak or sit-on-top tours on Tirino, assisted by a guide”

It is possible to make Kayak or sit-on-top tours assisted by a guide, including kayak renting, a vest, paddle, an helmet and a guide, the price is 30€ each person for a minimum of 2 people.