Environment awareness campaigns

Environment sustainability represents today one of the paradoxes of modern society, since on one hand the awareness and collective consciousness for a sustainable future are well-established, but on the other hand it is hard to carry out those simple daily practices that each of us should carry out to achieve these results.

New national reference law (2007 Financial Law, Law of December 27th 2006, no. 296), which was also approved at regional level by PRGR (Regional Waste Management Plan) requires to reach the following targets:

  • 60% recycling within 2011
  • However, there are so far only few Municipalities that have achieved those targets and in most cases they are either under the limit value provided by the first decree or they are below 35%.

In order to achieve good results, the following is essential:

  • To plan waste collection properly (door-to-door, in the streets, etc…)
  • To organize a serious awareness campaign through media communication addressed to citizens.

Taking into account this perspective, our proposal is focused on involving all citizens at different levels by organizing fun recreational activities, environment education projects, meetings, debates, forums, etc …

People to whom our awareness-raising actions are addressed:

School children; Parents; Citizens; Commercial activities; Small and Medium Companies; Employees of government agencies; etc …

In particular, our awareness-raising plan provides:

  • Undertaking of cognitive surveys
  • Engagement in discussion forums among different interest groups
  • Awareness on methods to reduce waste
  • Public meetings and presentation of best practices
  • Implementation of environment education programs in schools
  • Event organization (ecological days, workshops, seminars, meetings, lectures, etc.)
  • Distributions of materials (washtubs, etc…) .
  • Carrying out dedicated competitions for schools and citizens
  • Graphic design and realization of promotional materials
  • Website implementation
  • Activity monitoring