Source “Il Lago” – Capestrano

Il Tirino (derived from Greek “Tritano”: a triple stream) is considered one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe due to its clear, fresh waters. The Tirino begins from three main streams of low altitude: Il Lago, situated at 337m a.s.l., Presciano at 329m a.s.l. and Capo d’Acqua at 373m a.s.l. These springs are in the territory of Capestrano. According to several writers the name Capestrano derives from “Caput trium amnium”, meaning the head of three streams. From a hydrogeological point of view, the streams come from Il Gran Sasso and from Il Piano di Navelli. Due to a numerous karsts and gravitational phenomena, the waters run underground into the valley, where the presence of impermeable soils, in particular white calcareous silts, make it re-emerge on the surface.

The underground wells of the Tirino are not well defined in terms of the key areas where the water surfaces, but rather, it is a complicated system made up of many micro streams situated on the river bed which takes the name of “polle”

Il Lago di Capestrano represents the highest spring of the Tirino situated at 337m a.s.l. In the past, this stream supplied approximately 1000 l/s of water. The amount of water has not always been constant over the years: It is worth noting that the water-flow suffered a decrease following the realisation of the tunnel of the Gran Sasso and an increase in volume after the 2009 Earthquake in Aquila. Within the area of the stream, hydraulic projects were realised in the past, giving birth to the small lake. The waters of this lake powered an old flour-mill (the property of the Arduini Family) which is currently out of service.