Professional training

Il Bosso Cooperative has always addressed its environment education activities not only to kids in schools, but also to adults, students and professionals of different fields. This is the reason why it cooperates with many Institutions, Universities and Associations in order to organize workshops, meetings and seminars. Many other ventures have been offered in the training area as well, involving trainees and graduating students coming from different Universities.

In order to pursue these targets and enhance this area, Il Bosso Cooperative Training office has been created and it is responsible for managing relationships with the following subjects:

  • Companies, by organizing training courses for employees
  • Universities, by organizing seminars and internships for students.

Thanks to environmental education, Il Bosso Training office develops knowledge, operational skills and awareness of environmental impacts by promoting as follows:

  • establishment of specific professional skills;
  • use of new technologies;
  • dedicated planning to sustainable development;
  • application of quality system management of processes, services and products;
  • opportunities for a cultural and professional growth to those who have to deal with  environmental problems.

Regarding projects within the university, the Cooperative has currently an agreement with both the Department of Environmental Sciences at University of L’Aquila and with the Polytechnic University of Marche.